If it does not work
(You probably can't read this).

The connection:
Are all cables intact and connected?
Lights, link lights in switches and other equipment?
If you have a gateway, restart it.
If it still does not work, restart your computer.
If you have the opportunity, test the connection from another computer.
If this does not help, call Aktiviteten on phone +46 31 22 06 10

If you have trouble sending mail call Aktiviteten at +46 31 22 06 10
If you have problems receiving mail, call your provider for mail service.

Problems in your own equipment, or network:
We are happy to help with ongoing maintenance, consulting and troubleshooting of networks and computers.

If the network doesn't work:
During office hours (07: 30- 17:30 on weekdays) we start troubleshooting immediately.
After office hours, we start debugging as soon as possible, no later than 07:30 the next workday.

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