In the year 2000 Älvstranden utveckling AB, build a data communication network for the companies on Lindholmen. Aktiviteten AB is responsible for the operation of the network.

LindholmenNet is a data networks for offices with an uptime of 99.98%. This means that we in 2015 had intermission in 2 hours.
If it don't work.

We can not guarantee that there not will be interruptions in service, but we are constantly trying to minimize downtime. To give you an idea of the reliability we have a log of events here.

Companies that are connected to LindholmenNet are not allowed to distribute or sell the connection / service on to another company or person.

If you have questions or vil be plugged into the network, Call us at phone: + 46 31 22 06 10 or mail us

Lindholmen Net is run in partnership between Älvstranden Utveckling AB and Aktiviteten AB

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