Lindholmen 15: 12 seats in board meetings 30 m2 Book in Gothenburg
We furnish the room in theater style, classroom style, islands or according to your special requests. Tell us how you want your room furnished when you book.

Click in the sketch if you want to see photos of the rooms.

You may want to use your own equipment, have a different furnishing or maybe just a lecture room. We are happy to change according to your wishes.

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  Stockholm City:
  - Kurs
  - Training / Seminar
  - Training / Seminar

  Stockholm Kista:
  - Training / Seminar
  - Training / Seminar

  Gbg Lindholmen:
  - FM: Frontendutvecklare ...
  - Test & bedömning
  - Supporttekniker
  - .NET
  - AF - Break room

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