Kista 11: 6+1 computers 40 m2 Book in Kista
The room has extra large table, 1.40 x 70 cm, for each participant. Extra space for literature etc.

Click in the sketch if you want to see photos of the rooms.

You may want to use your own equipment, have a different furnishing or maybe just a lecture room. We are happy to change according to your wishes.

  Today in:
  Stockholm City:
  - Training / Seminar
  - Training / Seminar

  Stockholm Kista:
  - GK4502 avs
  - Certifiering
  - Certifiering
  - ICND1
  - Training / Seminar

  Gbg Lindholmen:
  - Exam
  - Support
  - .NET
  - AF - Break room

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